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What’s new in the Grotto? Cheese, of course.

My newest aging space…my new age space. Russ built a “cool” controller for the Grotto.  It cycles the power, on and off, to keep the fridge at 55 degrees.  There’s the inventory hanging on the side – 29 wonderful – slow-food cheeses! 15 Traditional Cheddar, 4 parmesans, 4 Crottin de Chavignol, 4 Camembert,  1 farmhouse […]

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

  I’d cheddar the world… VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Cheddar cheese….the staple of all cheese life.  Sure, mozzarella is nice, but nothing beats the tangy bite, smooth paste and lusciousness of a well aged cheddar. This baby was 8 months old when we cracked the shell.  What a pure delight There are 14 friends […]

Capra Carbone

  This little  soft goat cheese is a lactic type goat’s milk cheese with a covering of salt and fine powdered charcoal and salt. The history of ash in cheese making goes back hundreds of years to its use as a method to protect the surface of young cheese. As years passed, they later discovered […]