Construction Update 2020

Four years of work in the garden on weekends, mornings and evenings.


I had spent a LOT of time beating back both ivy and wild iris from the yard. Both are very invasive and occupied hundreds of square feet of our garden. So in 2017 I had a plan to build a garden railroad and the beginnings of a garden.


In 2018 I concentrated on clearing the land of noxious brush. I had version 1 of the plan defined, and began to lay out the primary features.

I decided to start from the top of the railroad, as the bottom needed some (expensive) retaining wall work which had to wait. So here is where Matterhorn Siding would be, the position and elevation defined.

This let me start to define the garden more clearly and to start laying out paths.

Lower path: Ophir, Low Line to the left and Ames, Vance Junction to the right
Upper path: Ophir, High Line to the right and Matterhorn to the left


I spent most of 2019 working on Matterhorn and it’s attached planter bed.

Matterhorn with track and turnouts being installed


2020 sees the “completion” of Matterhorn, some of the garden hardscape in place and in general a LOT of progress toward the end goal.

Flagstones and Dry-stack Retaining Wall
Matterhorn with decorative planters below and foliage adjacent

I also began to define Ophir and the High-line Siding, building “table” sections similar to Matterhorn. The Ophir table will have the Depot and other structures.

Ophir in the foreground and the High-line siding behind that

This winter I’ll spend a lot of time building bridges to be installed when the weather is not too wet, probably in this order:

  • Bridge 51-A at the end of Matterhorn
  • Bridge 45-B between Ophir and the High-line Siding
  • Bridges 46-B and 46-C in the High-line

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