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V5.2.2 Parameters: Added Proto Narrow gauge 3 foot engines and cars for D&RGW, RGS, C&S Added Accucraft and Bachmann Fn3 cars Added Accucraft On3 cars Additional parameter files for large scale track (AristoCraft, USA Trains) New sets of tree symbols (Deciduous, Fall, Conifer) in small and large sizes (1″ through 32″) Windows version: Now supports […]

Construction Update 2020

Four years of work in the garden on weekends, mornings and evenings. 2017 I had spent a LOT of time beating back both ivy and wild iris from the yard. Both are very invasive and occupied hundreds of square feet of our garden. So in 2017 I had a plan to build a garden railroad […]

Hand-laying Track

Straight Stringers I rip cheap cedar fence boards into ¾” wide pieces, getting four per board. The height of my stringers will be ¾”, so I use the clean-cut sides as the top-bottom. I glue two of these together and cut 1-inch blocks to act as spacers between the straight stringers. (Any stringer scraps can […]

2019 Construction Progress

Rio Grande Southern Matterhorn Section During the past year, I have begun the construction of my garden railway. After we had cleaned up after snowpocolypse, that is. I decided to start at the top of the yard, because the bottom section is waiting on a retaining wall project. The topography of my land means that […]