Capra Carbone


Capra Carbone (9)Capra Carbone (6)Capra Carbone (8)Capra Carbone (11)

This little  soft goat cheese is a lactic type goat’s milk cheese with a covering of salt and fine powdered charcoal and salt.

The history of ash in cheese making goes back hundreds of years to its use as a method to protect the surface of young cheese. As years passed, they later discovered that it also greatly improved the surface molds and how they grew on fresh cheeses for ripening. In earlier times, this was ash from the burning of grape vine clippings in the Loire Valley of France which was even then noted for their wealth of fresh goat cheese. 

We refer to the cheese as Ashen Goat, or Capra Carbone.  I’m still looking for a good name.

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