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Alberta Spruce Bonsai

I found small Dwarf Alberta Spruce cheap at Lowes. I used bonsai-like pruning techniques to make the shrub-like spruce look more like a scale model of a full-size mature tree for eventual planting in my garden railway. Exposing the main trunk and reducing the foliage density accomplishes that. Here is before pruning on the right and […]

RCGRS – Annual Railway Tour (Pt 2)

RCGRS Annual Tour Part 1 Plants A couple of nice examples of mini-scenes from The Underground Railroad. I’ll have to do a little research to identify the species. These are from the Whisky Creek & Bear Mountain. To the right is a Chamaecyparis obtusa MEROKE TWIN, I think. Below are nicely trimmed Chamaecyparis pisifera TSUKUMO. The […]