RCGRS – Annual Railway Tour (Pt 2)

RCGRS Annual Tour Part 1


IMGP0754A couple of nice examples of mini-scenes from The Underground Railroad. I’ll have to do a little research to identify the species.


IMGP0762These are from the Whisky Creek & Bear Mountain. To the right is a Chamaecyparis obtusa MEROKE TWIN, I think. Below are nicely trimmed Chamaecyparis pisifera TSUKUMO.


IMGP0797The Lone Pine & Western had labels identifying the plants!  This is a Picea Little Gem – Bird’s Nest Spruce.





IMGP0800Erodium Dwarf and Vaccinium Vitis-idae to the right, and Heather (Calluna Firefly) below.


IMGP0802Cotoneaster – Tom Thumb to the right. And below is a nice grouping, but I’m unable to read the names. There are 3 Dwarf Alberta Spruce, I suspect.



IMGP0817The Baker & Grande Ronde by Gary & Jonette Lee has a lot of trees pruned using Bonsai techniques, so that they look more like large trees. A standard Dwarf Alberta Spruce is very dense – you can not see any branches, typically.



IMGP0825Here is a closer view of two of the species for future reference. They are Picea glauca DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE (below) and something else. (I’ll have to consult the plant list.)

IMGP0822One thing to remember, since I want to be able to see the rock-work along the railroad, is to not let the ground covers take over. Since this is Oregon, that might be easier said than done!



The next post RCGRS – Part 3 will show examples of bridge and track-work that I particularly liked.

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