Visit to 7” Gauge Ride-on railroad

RollingStockWe were invited to visit a very impressive 7” gauge ride-on steam railroad. It is located in a suburb southwest of Portland. There was a large amount of rolling stock, obviously used for “operating” sessions. In the foreground you can see some cars for full-size passengers.



D&RGW C-16  K-38
The motive power was diverse, including two SP engines (standard gauge prototype, not pictured), a C-16 D&RGW (left) and a K-38 D&RGW (right). Just like the prototype, these are both coal-fired steam engines, about 1/5th the size. And, just like the prototype, they must be oiled, have the tender filled with coal and water. Note the glow from the firebox in the bottom-right photo.

EngineOil  TenderCoal

TenderWater  FireboxGlow

The railroad was about 1 mile long, with two tracks so that on a ride you would cover the distance twice. The road features a very long trestle and a tunnel.

Trestle  Trestle.2

The day was very enjoyable for all.

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