Hypertufa is a method of using cement to create light yet strong rock-like castings or scenery. I plan on using a lot of artificial rock scenery in my railroad instead of moving literally tons of rock and earth. The mixture is simple to make. Here’s my take on a recipe:

Hypertufa: 1 part patching cement, 1.5 parts perlite and 1.5 parts peat moss. It will take 0.5 to 0.75 parts water to make this the right consistency.

Note: The cement dust is very irritating to skin. I learned that gloves are very important. I got a rash where my hand touched the dust on the bag when scooping out the cement.

On the left is hypertufa on hardware cloth. I had the mixture too thin, but it still worked okay. I would probably “paint” another coat over this and do some sculpting. On the right is an aluminum foil casting. Both methods are likely to be used.


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