How beautiful is thy Parm!


Ten months of aging has brought about this little beauty!  Weighing just about two and a half pounds, my first ever parma style cheese is a great success.  Since this cheese was made last fall, I was able to age it mostly in the mud room.  The temp was a pretty consistent 55-60 degrees.  This spring I moved it into the new Grotto – constantly 55 degrees.  The rind is the brownish tint you would expect and is thin enough to ignore (eat!).  The cheese has the granular texture of a Grana/parma style cheese (you can see from the way it breaks in the middle).  It grates wonderfully and it tastes like HEAVEN!  Well, no, it tastes like a really good quality cheese should!

I’ve got three more of these beauties aging up and then…I also have the “Stoopidest Parm Ever”.  I made a parm with spring milk and it is poorly consolidated, crumbly and being really badly behaved in the Grotto.  It’s attracting undesirable mold, and needs far more attention that it should.  I’ve decided that, if it continues to misbehave, were going to EAT IT!  It won’t be aged, but it will be cheese.

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