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Garden RGS Construction – Part 1

I have been working for a couple of years to get a long-neglected part of my yard in shape to build a new garden railroad. About three years ago, I began to use herbicide to eradicate the massive amount of ivy that had taken over a couple thousand square feet of the yard. This is […]

Garden Railway Construction

I got permission from the boss to build a garden railway in our backyard largely because I am going to put it in the previously uncivilized portion of the yard. So, step one is to civilize the wild parts. A couple of years ago, I began an ivy eradication project. There must have been 1,000 […]

Building a Large Curved Trestle on a Grade – Part 6

Assembling a Trestle Section Construction Jig To accurately position the bents I created a construction jig. I created a full-size CAD drawing that I had printed at Staples as shown in Figure 1. The bottom view is the one I will use to position the bents properly, as I am building this “upside-down,” much like […]

Building a Large Curved Trestle on a Grade – Part 5

Part 5 – Building the Beam Assemblies The Beam Assemblies There are two beam assemblies each made of eight 3/8” x 1½” beams spaced equally with angled braces as shown in Figure 1. These rest on short bents attached to a full-height bent. Bents #8 and #12 rest on these beams. Two additional beams run […]