Wooden Howe Truss Bridge, part 1

On a whim, I decided I would build a bridge for my (future) garden railroad. I remembered Smith Pond Junction Railroad company’s Howe Truss Bridge kit that I read a review of some time back. And, I love early, complex structures like bridges and trestles.

Here are photos and notes on construction of the basic bridge frame.

Howe 1

Here’s what I’m starting with: two bags of lumber and hardware from SPJRR, and some track laying supplies and tools. (I’ll cover track laying in a later post.)

Howe 3 Howe 4

Here’s one truss under construction, and then complete.

Howe 5

The completed bridge. It’s easy to over-tighten the truss rods, which will cause the diagonal members to bow outward.

Howe 6

A detailed shot of the bridge. Construction time was about two hours.

Continue to part 2.

Cheese Reception




From  left:  Tradition Cheddar, Chevre and Herbed Chevre, Invisible Bleu, Crottin de Chavignol 

Young Ibores


Ibores Dec 2014 (3)The basis of Ibores

Ready to age.


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This young Smooth and not too hard Spanish cheese is made with unpasteurized goat’s milk.  It has developed a natural color dark because it has been rubbed with smokey pimentón or olive oil.  The rind of older cheeses may be colored by various molds which populate the surface of dusty grey or reddish-orange.   Ivory-white and firm, there is  a buttery and moist texture and is friable but elastic.   It has a few small cavities unevenly dispersed in the cheese.

This lovely cheese has been aged 67 day and is on it’s way to a appreciating cheese enthusiasts