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Cut Optimization

This past weekend, I was thinking about cut optimization. This is a method for planning cuts to produce the most pieces of given sizes out of a quantity of material of some length with minimum waste. This was brought about by the planning process involved in building a new garden railway trestle. (I’ll cover the […]

One more Javascript function

This function will format a value expressed as feet (with decimals) into feet and inches.

Javascript functions for numeric input and output

As a part of a calculator for model railroad stub switches, I developed a couple of javascript routines for input and output that allow more flexibility than the standard implementation. This function converts to text for display from a numeric value, with a variable number of decimals, removing extra trailing zeroes. It also converts the (default […]

Christmas Decor Planner

Here is a Christmas decoration planner that will help you to lay out various type of elements such as stars and snowflakes: Decor Planner Currently, the tool allows you to design Five-pointed star, Fat five-pointed star, Six-pointed star, Eight-pointed star, Snowflake and Holdman star.  Size and spacing may be set to many values (most in […]